A pedestrian ended up in a coma for six days after he was hit by a cyclist who ran an amber light on a pedestrian crossing.

Anthony Da Costa has no memory of the incident after suffering a fractured skull and knocked unconscious in Central London in June 2015. Fortunately he received immediate treatment on the scene from a nearby doctor.

Appearing at Hammersmith Magistrates Court cyclist Reeve Allen was ordered to pay a total of £1,085 in fines and costs, after he pleaded guilty causing serious injury as well as cycling without due car and attention.

The courts heard that approximately 8:44am Mr Allen failed to stop at an amber light and was unable to avoid hitting Mr Da Costa.

Mr Da Costa said: “It happened outside my work and I ended up being off work for two and a half months. I was knocked unconscious. Luckily, there was a doctor in a nearby Costa and he gave me CPR.

“I was in and out of consciousness, apparently. I was extremely aggressive after the accident, because apparently I had to be strapped down on a stretcher so I didn’t paralyse myself – I don’t remember any of this.”

Mr Da Costa spent six days in a coma before he moved in with a friend who helped him recover from the accident.

Mr Da Costa, from Westminster is now considering taking legal action against Mr Allen claiming that the damages caused from the accident left him with damage on the brain resulting in him losing the sense of smell.

He added: “If it had been a case where I had been knocked over by a vehicle, then there would be insurance behind it.

“I thought there would be some sort of compensation. I didn’t have any loss of earnings, but I spent £500- £700 on private medical care.”

Mr Allen was ordered to pay £850 in fines, as well as £150 in costs as well as a victim surcharge of £85.