A Nottinghamshire Cyclist has posted a video of a driver who deliberately accelerated into him in 2014, after the driver escaped prosecution because the police can’t prove he was driving the hire car.

The cyclist, who did not want to release his real name, filmed the incident that showed the driver accelerate into him, with clear shots of the licence plate.

Instead of facing prosecution the driver of the hire car has been fined £150 for failing to provide driver details.

The video of the incident, which happened in November 2014, has now been posted online by the cyclist, to highlight the lack of justice.

He said: “At the time there was an on-going criminal investigation and I didn’t want any footage that I released online to hamper that investigation

“It’s left me feeling surprised at the injustice and the ability for criminals to get away with crimes so easily, especially those perpetrated against cyclists, and it’s left the wider cycling community feeling totally betrayed.”

The cyclist required four month recovery from his injuries, with another month of physiotherapy after suffering from internal haemorrhaging and severe back injury.

The video shows the black Volvo driving behind the cyclist around the Nottingham city centre roundabout, when the driver suddenly accelerates deliberately into the cyclist and then drives away.

Nottinghamshire police said they investigated the incident and released a statement: “While we share the victim’s disappointment at the outcome, we feel the investigating police officer made every effort to ensure that the occupants of the car were found and brought before the courts.”