A former policewoman who was forced to quit her job after she was injured in a road traffic accident has been awarded compensation despite exaggerating complaints.

The police officer, who has remained anonymous for legal reasons, was awarded £45,000 compensation for general damages in County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

The 42 year old collided with another vehicle in 2003 after the motorist pulled out in front of her on A8 dual carriageway.

As a result of the crash she suffered back injuries and whiplash to her neck and shoulders and required two years of physiotherapy.

Two years after the accident she was compulsorily retired, the former police officer started legal action against the motorist, who admitted the charge of careless driving.

Mr Justice Deeny put forward the woman’s disability living allowance (DLA) forms, pointing out she received £35,000 in benefits over the years.

He referred to the exaggerated complaints, noting that she claimed a local politician helped fill one in.

In the complaints the woman claimed suffering from dizzy spells and stumbled three times a day, which she failed to mention to her doctors, the woman claimed that the advisor told her to describe her worse days.

Mr Justice Deeny said: “The willingness to exaggerate in a way that I find quite blatant makes it difficult for the court to place any reliance on her word unless otherwise corroborated.”

During the case it was revealed she received £160 a week 2005 to 2008 however, the judge did not find that the case was not exceptional enough to warrant a refusal to compensate her.