Birmingham has been named as one of the highest crash-for-cash cities with one in four staged UK accidents taking place in the city.

Car insurance company Aviva has revealed that in 2015 alone, they have detected 3,000 fraudulent car accidents.

It has been found that one in four fake car accident claims have been made in the Birmingham city with Sparkhill and Tyesley named as the worst hotspots for staged accidents claims.

The claims included people who would deliberately target innocent motorists to claim whiplash compensation and staged car accidents where two parties were involved.

In 2015 Amy Laban, a former player of Birmingham City Ladies, was sentenced to two months after faking a car accident to claim personal injury compensation of up to £3,000.

Miss Laban attempted to claim whiplash compensation but was discovered to have continued to play football and train for a charity skydive.

In March 2016 a crash-for-cash gang were caught by police after the gang attempted to claim £3,000 in personal injury compensation after staging a car accident when, the leader of the gang Mohammed Munir, was unable to keep up with repayments on his Mercedes.

The elaborate scam was foiled after insurers conducted an investigation after becoming suspicious and discovered no phone calls were made after the alleged crash.

The five men have since been arrested and sentenced, as well as ordered to pay £10,800 in compensation.

Aviva have claimed that the number of staged car accidents remains close to record levels that were seen in 2014, with only a 2 per cent fall in 2015.

Despite high number of claims made, the number of staged accidents has fallen 40% each year which Aviva claim is due to the measures taken to make it difficult for crash-for-cash gangs to take out policies with the insurers in first place.

Head of Aviva fraud department Tom Gardiner said: “Crash for cash does not just push up premiums for genuine customers, it puts innocent motorists at risk. It is also a significant drain on scarce public resources such as ambulance, police and A&E time, all of which are wasted on these entirely bogus claims.”