A furious mother who slipped on discarded orange peel in Tesco is demanding personal injury compensation after sustaining a hip injury caused by the accident.

Nicola Foye, 34, of Glasgow, underwent surgery in February but has failed to regain full fitness since the slip.

She has been unable to work because of the pain and it took over a year to have the problem diagnosed.

Having being reduced to getting around by wheelchair or crutches, she is seeking personal injury compensation from Tesco, but is unable to take her case any further, because she says she cannot afford to take legal action.

“I’d gone into Tesco with my four-year-old daughter and staff were giving out slices of orange which had been cut into quarters.

“There was a piece of orange peel on the floor and I slipped on it, but rather than going down on the floor, I stuck my leg out sharply to stop myself falling over.

“As I did it, there was a funny popping sensation in my pelvis but I was so embarrassed by nearly falling over that I just carried on walking. Within a few minutes it was really hurting and I was limping round the shop, so I told staff what had happened before I left.

“I went to hospital straight away and had an X-ray as I was in so much pain. They thought I had just pulled a muscle, gave me crutches and sent me home.

“I was on the strongest painkillers they could give me and when we went to Florida a few months later the holiday was ruined as I was in a wheelchair for the whole three weeks. I couldn’t go on any of the rides with my daughters.

“I had a physiotherapy appointment but was in too much pain for them to do anything, so I was booked in for an MRI scan.

“After more than a year I finally discovered that I had damaged part of my pelvis -the SI joint – between my hip and spine. They said it was a very rare injury that had slowly been getting worse.

“In February I went for surgery and had three pins inserted to fuse the joint together, as it was torn in the trauma. I’m hoping I’ll no longer need to use a wheelchair but I don’t know how long recovery will take.”

Nicola is distraught at the fact she has been unable to return to work when her youngest daughter started school, and has tried to take action against Tesco.

“I did seek legal aid but no solicitors were able to help me in the end because Tesco is such a big retail giant. They said I would have to pay out of my own pocket if I wanted to take them to court and I just can’t afford that.

Tesco have distanced themselves from the incident.

“We have responded fully to the solicitors acting in this case and have explained that following a review of the evidence, we do not believe Tesco is at fault,” a Tesco spokesperson said.