This year, 63% of UK adults have set themselves the goal of getting fitter and healthier in 2015. This means that more people are joining gyms – but it also means more accidents are occurring.

Every gym has the responsibility to offer a safe environment to all its users. They must have well maintained gym equipment, trained and knowledgeable instructors, and healthy hygienic services.

When an institution fails to uphold these factors, personal injuries can occur, some of which can be very serious.

Accidents in the gym

All gym owners in the country have to adhere to the highest standards of safety in their environment. This means their equipment and interior space needs to be safe and healthy for all their customers. There should be no obstructions for when people walk around the gym, floor surfaces should be safe and exercise equipment should be checked on a regular basis to make sure it functions correctly.

If this equipment is not maintained, this could cause accidents to people who use them. So if an accident occurs to you on a piece of gym equipment and you know that you did not make the malfunction, you are entitled to issue a claim if you have sustained a personal injury.

Some common causes of gym accidents include:

– Faulty or unsafe equipment

– Lack of maintenance on equipment

– Incorrect instructions from a trainer

– A fall on wet or damaged flooring

– Struck by a loose object

– Unsafe use of equipment by another user that causes you injury

The type of injury you can sustain at a gym can range from a simple strain or pulled muscle, to a dislocated joint or broken bone that requires more medical treatment.

If you feel that a user of equipment or members of staff at a gym were careless and neglectful in allowing the accident to happen, you are entitled to claim for compensation.

Accidents at home

With the rise of workout resources online, more and more people are choosing to work out at home, primarily because it is a lot cheaper than going to the gym. If you use equipment at home such as a treadmill or cross trainer which malfunctions, you have the right to issue a claim based on losses, damages and injuries occurred.

When you purchase gym equipment, you do this on the basis that you are assured it is safe. Therefore if this causes you injury, you are entitled to compensation.

What to do if you have an accident  

The first thing you should do is inform the gym staff, specifically a manager, about the incident. You should be able to log this in a book so there is a written record of it.

Seek medical help as soon as possible. You want to be aware of the extent of your injuries. If you leave them unattended they could get worse. Again, when you speak to a medical professional write down a record of the injuries you sustained and exactly what form they took, as this could be very useful.

The amount of compensation you can receive is completely dependent upon the extent of your injuries and your potential loss of income. You may be able to receive compensation for:

–          Medical costs

–          Pain caused by the injury

–          Travel expenses for treatment

–          The effect the injury has had on your life

–          Loss of income if you had to have time away from work

–          Loss of income from the friend or relative taking care of you


What’s important when claiming with regards to accidents that occur during exercise is that you must ensure you have enough evidence to support yourself. Record everything that happened and include all of that on your claim form.

You ultimately need to prove that the personal injury you suffered would not have occurred if the gym in question had taken practical steps to ensure your safety.

It is more beneficial to keep the majority of the details of the accident to yourself. You should only express your feelings of the injuries you have caused to medical personnel.

You will usually have more chance of being successful in your claim if you do not provide too many details.

Personal injury claims are often not thought of when it comes to accidents that occur at gyms. But we can assure you that if you deserve compensation we will do our best to help you resolve your situation.