Teachers have been awarded millions in personal injury claims compensation sustained in the classrooms.

The NASUWT teacher’s union have revealed members of the union have secured a total of £16 million in 2015, including a six-figure compensation for worst cases.

A 59 year old teacher in London secured £185,000 personal injury compensation after she slipped her disc after she was knocked to the ground twice by unruly students.

In North Wales a 55 year old teacher was awarded £100,000 compensation after the chair he sat on broke, causing him to bang his head on the concrete floor, it was later revealed that three bolts from the chair were missing.

In another example a female member of staff was awarded £55,000 personal injury compensation, after suffering a tear after tripping on a lino surface in science classroom, she was later diagnosed with Chronic back syndrome.

General Secretary of NASUWT Chris Keates has added that many injures were a result of employers not taking the welfare of staff seriously.

She added:  “The consequence of negligence is careers, lives and health blighted and millions of pounds of public money spent in compensation.

“Unfortunately, there is no incentive for employers to take health and welfare seriously when they witness the Government cutting funding for inspection and failing to take steps to secure compliance with the law.”