Holidaymakers heading for Spain have been warned about a legal quirk that could deprive them of compensation if they fall ill or are injured.

Legal experts have revealed that British holidaymakers who have directly booked holidays in Spain, who have been injured are falling short to the country’s one-year policy time limit to pursue personal injury claims.

More than 12 million Brits visited the Spanish Islands in 2014, and 700 Brits reportedly required hospital treatment for sickness or injury the same year.

British holidaymakers who have directly booked flights and hotels have been told they only have one year to claim compensation if they are injured or fallen ill.

This strict rule is a contrast to other European countries such as a France where they can file compensation ten years after the accident.

In the UK people have three years to pursue personal injury claims, this includes anyone injured on a package holiday booked with a UK-based tour operator.

However, this does not cover people who have directly booked their holidays who have been injured.

Legal experts have recommended: “Before you go if possible, book a package holiday – you get more rights and support when something goes wrong.

“Also, ensure you have insurance. I would recommend an annual policy so you are covered for issues that may prevent you from going on holiday as well as whilst you are away.”