A young boy who has been left scarred for life in 2011 after he was viciously attacked by his neighbour’s dog has been awarded £70k compensation.

Erfan Ali was six years old when he was savaged by the Rhodesian Ridgeback, after it jumped through a broken fence and attacked him in his family garden.

At the time of the incident he was helping his mother and sister when the dog pounced on him, Mrs Monowara Ali, fled into the house with her son however, the dog continued its attack on her son in the kitchen until the owner of the dog dragged the dog off the boy.

As a result of the attack he was left with deep cuts to his face and required 170 stitches in his knee, hand, lip, eyebrow and cheeks he also required skin grafts.

The dog was destroyed and the owner, Kevin Large, was arrested for four months for failing to control a dangerous dog.

Erfan Ali’s family have been awarded £70,000 compensation after launching legal action against Kevin Large’s mother for failing to maintain the fence appropriately.

At Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, Michele Skinner was ordered to pay the family the compensation. The family’s solicitor claimed that as a result of the dog attack Erfan Ali has been left with facial scars and psychological trauma.

Speaking after the court order Erfan’s father Dilwar Ali said: “This action was never about the money but the principle. People need to be able to feel safe in their neighbourhoods without fear of attack from dogs.

“Now hopefully this award will act as a deterrent to unruly dog owners and afford some protection to residents in similar situations.”

Since the attack Erfan has had to undergo multiple skin grafts and will require further operations throughout teenage years.