The number of personal injury claims that have been submitted in Ireland has increased by 6% in 2015, but the numbers of successful claims were down compared to 2014.

According to the injuries Board the increase of claims reflects the increased social activity and economic activity.

Last year the board awarded 11,734 in personal injury claims, delivering €268.4m in compensation, compared to €281.2m awarded to 12,420 cases in 2014.

Injuries Board said the decrease in the number of compensation awarded doesn’t reflect any change to the volume in the number of claims, but rather the timing of the awards.

Breakdown of the awards was a steady, with motor liability accounting three in four awards.

Whilst workplace liability awards typically were the highest average of awarded compensation, in 2015 the average award for workplace claim has reduced by 3% to €31,267, compared to €32,134 in 2014.

Public liability awards, for injuries that occurred in public places, made up a total of 17% of the number of successful claims with a 2% increase.

Conor O’Brien chief executive of the Injuries Board has said that the Injuries board continue to offer the lowest cost, and assessing significant volume of the personal injury claims.

He added: “In addition to processing efficiencies, we are seeking to ensure continued clarity around compensation values and an independent review of the Book of Quantum is under way for publication later this year.”