I don’t have the time or energy to claim personal injury; it’s too complicated

Claiming for personal injury with claimpersonalinjury.com couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve contacted us to establish whether or not you’re entitled to make a claim, we’ll send you some initial forms to fill in and send back to us. We’ll organise your rehabilitation treatment for you, and take everything from there. You won’t have to do anything more.

I’ll have to go to court to claim compensation

Many people are put off from making a personal injury claim because they’re worried that they’ll have to go to court. It’s very rare that a claimant would have to appear in court because insurance companies want to keep their expenses down; they normally prefer to settle the claim amicably.

If I make a claim for personal injury, I’m becoming a part of Britain’s ‘claim for anything culture’

Although the media tends to report that we are living in a ‘compensation culture’ with people making dishonest claims for absolutely anything, there is no real evidence to support this. In fact, a report by ‘Which’ in 2013 showed that numbers of people making compensation claims hasn’t changed since 1989. If you need to make a personal injury claim because of someone else’s negligence, you are not contributing to anything negative, but exercising your rights.

I’ll need to pay huge amounts in solicitors fees

claimpersonalinjury.com work on a no win no fee basis and our costs will be covered by the other side. We won’t take any money from you even if you’re claim is unsuccessful. On the rare occasion that you might need to pay extra fees, this will be made clear to you from the outset, we don’t charge hidden costs.

I might lose my job if I make a personal injury claim against my employer

You might worry about causing trouble at work but the law protects people who have made a personal injury claim against their employer. If you are fired as a result of making a personal injury claim then you are in fact entitled to make another claim for unfair dismissal. Most employers have the necessary insurance to cover any injury claims made by their employees; that’s one of the reasons their insurance policy is there.

Personal injury claims take years to settle

The average personal injury claim takes 8 – 12 months to be settled; everyone involved wants to reach a settlement as swiftly as possible. In the event that you have a more serious injury that requires greater medical attention, the process may take longer but claimpersonalinjury.com work hard to make sure that you receive your compensation as soon as possible.

It would be better to go through an insurance company

Although an insurance company might make you a direct offer, it’s their role to make sure they pay as little as possible out in expenses. That’s why it is much more beneficial for you to use a solicitor; we know what you are entitled to and are able to make sure that you’re getting the maximum amount you deserve. We’ll do all the negotiating for you, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re receiving the best compensation.

Large companies and organisations have the law on their side

UK law actually works more towards protecting the public than it does large organisations. Fortunately, strong health and safety regulations are in place to not only protect the public, but highlight when an organisation has been negligent in keeping them safe.

Claiming Personal Injury compensation is easy money

claimpersonalinjury.com only accept genuine claims from people who really have suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence. We arrange for medical assessments so that we have a full picture of how personal injury has affected your all aspects of your life. People trying to make false claims don’t make it through this process, ensuring that people who have come to real harm are able to get the best possible treatment.

I will have to put off medical treatment, because if I get better before  the claim is settled I won’t receive any compensation

There’s absolutely no benefit to putting off medical treatment. We want you to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible, which is why we arrange for you to receive treatment when you need it.

If you need medical assistance after your accident we advise you to seek help as soon as possible. Once you’ve contacted us and returned the forms we need to get your claim started, we’ll arrange for a medical assessment and any rehabilitation you might need.