A Welsh man who was left for dead after a violent assault has won an eight year battle for compensation.

Mark Tierney, from Waterfront Barry was violently attacked, and left with a severe brain injury meaning he now requires full time care and is unable to financially support his family.

His legal team placed an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, following the assault however compensation has only just been granted to Mr Tierney to cover loss of earnings.

Mr Tierney was attacked following a night out in December 2 2007, but due to the severity of the assault has been left with little memory of the incident.

After he was found by passer-bys he was taken to Withybush Hospital where he remained in a coma for four weeks.

As a result of the attack he has suffered from on-going cognitive issues, speech and language difficulties and behavioural problems, which resulted in his relationship of 25 years to break down.

Mr Tierney said: “The attack has completely changed how I live my life. Before the attack I was very active, not only in my job but I regularly enjoyed having a kick around playing football which I will never be able to do again. Financially the attack has affected the whole family as I am no longer able to work and support my family.”