It has been reported that Australian police officers are claiming compensation against police forces, over injuries sustained from wearing heavy uniforms.

The latest officer to take legal action against Australian police force, Senior Constable Robert Catalucci, has lodged a compensation claim for injuries on his back caused by ten years of wearing the police uniform.

He claims that the police force failed to provide appropriate risk assessments on carrying equipment on the belt as well as failing to ensure the belt was adjustable when seated,

He believes as a result of the heavy leather utility belt, he suffered a prolapse that required disc replacement and soft tissue damage.

Senior Constable Robert Catalucci is seeking compensation from Victoria police force, for loss of earnings and superannuation claiming that as a result of the back injuries, he suffers from depression, pain, anxiety and shock.

In response to the claims Victoria Police force stated: “The safety of our employees is paramount. We continue to monitor and promote health and safety for our people to reduce illnesses and injuries.

“During procurement phase, equipment is rigorously tested to ensure it provides protection and best fit for our members. Members are regularly communicated with around safety issues, such as the correct wearing of integrated operational equipment vests and ballistic vests.”