A Cambridgeshire family has been awarded £2,750 compensation after a waitress at a supermarket giant’s restaurant, accidently spilt hot soup on autistic son.

Marina Wood, 38, was with her two sons Bruce, 13, and Francis, 5, at the Sainsbury’s Ely store restaurant, when a waitress accidently knocked over a bowl of soup over her eldest son.

Mrs Wood, from Ely Cambridgeshire, claims that the soup spilt down her son’s right side, burning his upper arm, lower arm, shoulder and thigh, she added that the store’s toilet were mixed taps meaning that the taps would not go cold enough to treat the burns.

She also claims that the staff at the restaurant would not let her take her son behind the counter to use their taps.

Talking about the incident Mrs Wood said: “They wouldn’t let me go behind the till to use the cold water as they said it would’ve breached health and safety policies.

“I was furious and kept demanding to go behind there or for a member of staff to bring some cold water to me, but they said they couldn’t do anything until a first aider was on the scene. I’d say it took a good 20 minutes for a member of staff trained in first aid to arrive. It felt like forever.”

Earlier this month the case was heard by Cambridge County Court where the family were awarded £2,750 compensation.

A spokesperson for the Ely store has stated that since the incident in 2014 the store has improved their policy to ensure similar incidences are avoided.