A Kent woman is seeking compensation after she believes she contracted cancer after years of washing the asbestos coated overalls of her late father and husband.

Ann Siddons, 72, believes her husband Henry Siddons and father Walter Ward died of asbestos-related illnesses they contracted from their work at Marley Floor Tile factory in 1960s and 1970s.

Mrs Siddons from Lenham Kent, was diagnosed with Mesothelioma, an incurable cancer linked with asbestos exposure in August 2015 after experiencing breathing problems and has since undone surgery to drain her lungs.

Her husband died aged 69 in 2009 from pneumonia after suffering from ill health and her father died from cancer aged 67 from cancer in 1981.

Mrs Siddon said: “They used to set off for work together and when they came home again in the evening, they were caked in a fine grey dust. Everyone in the area knew that some tiles were made of asbestos.

“My father used to take off his overalls and leave them on his chair overnight. In the morning, he’d put them back on and go to work.

“I remember shaking them out of the back door to get the dust off before washing them and turning out the pockets full of the stuff. I must have done that every week for about eight years.”

Mrs Siddon claims that after the diagnosis she knew it was caused by washing her husband and father’s overalls.

Her solicitor is now appealing for information from former workers at the Marley Floor Tile factory.