A Missouri jury have awarded a family $72 million after a woman died from ovarian cancer, which is believed to be caused by her using Johnson & Johnson’s baby products containing talcum.

Jackie Fox, 62, from Birmingham Alabama died in 2015 from ovarian cancer after she used the products for decades.

Jurors in St Louis on Monday 22 February concluded that the largest health care brand Johnson & Johnsons (J&J) should pay $10 million in compensatory damages over claims the company were aware of the potential risk of their products.

The company were also ordered to pay a further $62 million in punishment awards to Mrs Fox family.

J&J has been the second global brand that has been ordered to compensate a family after a member was diagnosed with cancer. In 2015 household brand Colgate were ordered to pay compensation to a woman who was diagnosed with Mesothelioma after using Cashmere Bouquet, a brand of talcum powder the company made.

J&J is also facing 1,200 legal actions against them by women who claim the company neglected to warn customers of the risks of using their Shower-to-Shower and Baby Powder products, after it was suggested the company knew the potential risks the products had to causing ovarian cancer.

J&J previously marketed the Shower to Shower brand talc as a feminine product, even encouraging women to use the product in a 1988 ad promising to provide women with a “fresh feeling.”

The mineral talc’s natural form does contain asbestos and has been known to cause cancer, since the 1970s talcum powder has become “asbestos-free” however, studies on the products has resulted in contradictions.

Johnson and Johnson have claimed that the family couldn’t prove their product was the direct cause to Mrs Fox developing ovarian cancer. Mrs Fox’s case is the first to have a jury agree to award a family for damages.