One of the largest logistics company in the UK have admitted health and safety failings after the death of a port operator in 2012.

PD Ports who have several locations across England have pleaded guilty to failing health and safety act which result in the death of Bob Harrison, 59, at their Teesside site in Middlesbrough.

Mr Harrison died after falling from the Bright Ocean Ship he was working on in September 2012.

Reports have revealed that prior to Mr Harrison’s fall other port operator’s had nearly fallen from the same ship but work continued.

The Judge at Teesside Crown Court said that with the evident health and safety issues it was an accident waiting to happen, adding: “It seems to me it was foreseeable there was a very grave risk indeed someone would go over that edge.

“No one knows how it was that Mr Harrison lost his footing, but that shows the danger of what he was working upon.”

Mr Harrison, suffered from head, back and spinal injuries and died shortly after he arrived at James Cook University Hospital.

PD Port’s guilty plea was made on the basis of breaching Health and Safety Act of 1974, however the Health and Safety Executive which is being prosecuting do not accept parts of the charge.

The judge has adjourned the case until next Tuesday, witnesses are being called into court to give evidence on the incident.