A woman who suffers from health problems as a result of food poisoning she contracted in 2009 has received £263,534 compensation.

Tracey Rae, from Falkirk Scotland, contracted severe food poisoning after she ate food at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Leith Edinburgh.

Mrs Rae filed for legal action against the company after she developed irritable bowel syndrome, as a result of the food poisoning.

Mrs Rae revealed how the health condition has affected her life: “I have to take anti-diarrhoea medicine and paracetamol to slow down my gut, I suffer from fatigue and joint and muscle pain and I struggle to remember things.

“It has made me quite anxious because I have been out on occasions before and had to dash to the toilet and maybe not made it on time. If I do go out, I’m very restricted in what I can eat, so it’s very stressful and I try to avoid social situations much more than I did before.”

A jury heard that Ms Rae visited the Scotch Malt Whisky Society restaurant with her husband and friends in April 2009 and soon after started to suffer from nausea, stomach cramps and severe sweating.

As a result of the food poisoning, she was later diagnosed with post-infection irritable bowel syndrome.

The jury also heard that the illness meant Mrs Rae had to reduce her work hours to part time, after taking six weeks off work.

She said: “Not only had I lost earnings from this, I was left with the pain and the embarrassing symptoms. You just assume that within a couple of weeks you’ll be back to living your normal life again.”

Her decision to sue owner Mr Freeman came shortly after discovering her condition was expected to be permanent after she visited a gastroenterologist eighteen months after.