Investigations into historical child abuse at institutions in Northern Ireland will recommend that the victims will receive compensation for the trauma they endured.

Retired judge Sir Anthony Hart is leading one of the largest inquiries into sexual, emotional and physical child abuse at homes run by the church, state and voluntary organisations.

The inquiry which was established in January 2013 by the Northern Ireland Executive is to investigate child abuse from over a 72 year period from 1922 to 1995, at residential institutions.

Sir Anthony Hart has said that he already is in position to offer the victims compensation he said:

“Because our investigations are not complete we are not yet in a position to say what our findings of systemic failings will be, or what all our recommendations will be

“However, what we can now say is that from the evidence we have heard so far we will recommend that there should be a scheme to award financial compensation to those children who suffered abuse in children’s homes and other institutions in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1995.”

Investigation are due to finish next summer with a formal report to be submitted the following year to Stormont ministers.

Sir Anthony Hart has revealed a further six intuitions to the list of intuitions to be investigated, making the total number to 22.

During the inquiry there was a total of 54 homes and institutions that have had allegations made against by least one person, however Sir Anthony Hart has explained that investigations into all facilities could take another two years and cost around £8 million.

He has added that looking into all the institutions but wouldn’t add significant understanding to the nature of the abuse and the failings, but has said that the compensation would still apply the victims in the institutions that weren’t investigated.

Spokeswoman for the Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse Charity, Margaret McGuckin said: “I am over the moon, many of us are, but sadly too many people did not get to see this day.

“Compensation needs to be fast-tracked. We are having meetings with the church, we need all the church figures to be spearheading this.”