A whistleblower is seeking £500,000 compensation after he was suspended following complaints he made about the hospital.

Plastic Surgeon Jonathan Brooks, 51, who spoke out against understaffing at a children’s burn unit at a city hospital in Nottingham, was effectively suspended after claiming some colleagues were more focused on playing golf and money-making private work.

Mr Brooks claimed that there was a lack of adequate medical cover, and that some burn victims were abandoned by medical staff who concentrated on lucrative area of work. He revealed that there was a frequent shortage of staff members.

Revealing details about line manager Graeme Perks, head of department of plastic reconstruction, Mr Brooks explained that the line manager negotiated a job plan, which allowed him to work for twelve days and then take eight days off. This meant Mr Perks was paid for a full-time role and worked only 60% of the time, where he would disappear during his days off.

In a witness statement at a tribunal Mr Brooks discussed his unease as children burn victims were treated alongside paedophiles who were attacked in prison with hot water.

Mr Brooks was suspended from Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust in July 2015, after colleagues claimed they were unable to work with him.

Jonathan Brooks is claiming that he suffered from damages for being a whistleblower and is now seeking compensation for stress and £450,000 for losses.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust spokesperson said: “We have robustly defended the claim made by Mr Brooks and it is now a matter for the tribunal to consider.”