A man has won £1.2k compensation from technology giants Apple, after his honeymoon photos were wiped from his phone.

Deric White, 68 from Pimlico London, lost contacts he accumulated over fifteen years, as well as his photos from his £7,000 honeymoon in Seychelles Africa, after Apple technical team wiped his iphone5 in December 2014.

The photos and contacts were removed by technical staff at the Apple’s London store, whilst they were fixing a fault with his phone, as well as the photos Mr White lost a ‘once in a lifetime’ video of a tortoise biting his hand.

Apple denied that they owed Mr White compensation, claiming he had not demonstrated sufficient evidence that suggested he suffered loss as a result of their negligence.

After discovering the pictures had been deleted, Mr White was outraged claiming: “They knew they had done this and send me on my way. This is where my anger is – they sent me on my way like an imbecile.

“I really do take umbrage with Apple – at times I want to drop this, but I think how dare they just do that.”

District Judge Ruth Fine at London County Court, disagreed with Apple claims and ordered the multinational company to pay Mr White £1,200 compensation and £773 in court costs.

Judge Ruth said: “The defendant’s employees were negligent in the treatment of the claimant’s telephone, causing the claimant loss of photographs of particular sentimental value and the loss of all his contacts,

“I’m satisfied he was unable to retrieve the lost photographs and contact details. Just because damages are difficult to assess does not disentitle a claimant to compensation.”

The judge has added that although the compensation won’t bring back the photos, it will “teach the company a lesson,” Mr White has described the win as a victory for the common man against a multinational company.