A soldier is pursuing legal action against Ministry of Defence (MoD) for £200,000 because he was too cold on a British Army skiing exercise.

Abdoulie Bojang claimed that MoD failed to take into account of his Black African ethnicity before they exposed him to the cold weather during the training in Canada in 2014.

Mr Bojang from Nuneaton, Warwickshire was born in Gambia but has been enlisted to the British Army since 2006.

He claims that as a result of the army failing to protect him and exposing him to the cold he has suffered injuries to his hand that has ended his career.

In the writ lodged at London’s High Court by mr Bojang solicitor stated: “The exercise involved a one-day skiing programme in the ski resort of Sunshine Village.

“It was very cold at the time, with the temperature around -30 degrees, with additional wind chill.

“During the afternoon, he noticed that his feet were numb as were both of his hands. His hands felt as though they had been hardened.”

Mr Bojang solicitor accuses the MoD of being previously aware of the increased risk of cold weather injuries to Black African ethnicity servicemen and women since 1984, since the aftermath of Falklands War.

His solicitor added the MoD had failed: “to provide him with additional training in the dangers of non-freezing cold injuries, emphasizing his vulnerability and the protective measures that he should adopt.”