A former army driving instructor has been awarded a £1 million compensation payout following an accident at the Defence School of Transport, Leconfield.

In February 2010 the former instructor suffered a double fracture to the leg and due to complications the leg was amputated below the knee.

The accident occurred on a temporary car park at the Ministry of Defence site. The claimant sustained his injuries after being knocked off his motorbike by a car.

The MoD has paid out £935,000 to the injured instructor as the car park was in ‘chaotic’ organisation which meant drivers had no way of knowing who had right of way. The car driver’s insurance company also paid out £165,000 bringing the total compensation to £1 million.

The former instructor carried out 28 years of service in the army including 6 years of experience teaching drivers however the severity of his injuries has meant that his career has now come to an end.

Speaking on the accident the ex-instructor said, “I had seen a few near misses in the days before my accident, and due to that I was taking extra care. I am an experienced driver and had been driving for 35 years. I just didn’t see the driver coming at all.”

The ex-instructor also explained that he still suffers from limb pain five years after the accident and everyday life is still a struggle, “It’s a surreal experience. I still get pains in my toes, even though there is no limb there. I’m still having to shuffle around on my backside to get around the house. I had a great life and a job that I loved, but that was all taken away by this accident.”

The MoD were not available for comment on the case.

Armed forces compensation scheme

The Ministry of Defence currently have a compensation scheme in place that ensures victims of injuries, such as the loss of a limb, receive appropriate compensation.

The scheme has set amounts of compensation depending on the severity of the injuries, for example £570,000 for the loss of both legs and a compensation payout of £470,000 if the soldier is made completely blind or deaf.

Injuries received within the armed forces can be life changing therefore it is essential that compensation is awarded to those who need help to live normal lives.

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