Former rugby player, Danny Sculthorpe, has been awarded a six figure compensation payout after suffering a career ending injury at Bradford Rugby Club.

Mr Sculthorpe says that he considered taking his own life after his career was ended prematurely and he was “abandoned” by the club.

The injury that the former rugby player sustained led to his 3 year contract with Bradford Bulls being cancelled before he even set foot on the pitch to play a game.

Mr Sculthorpe joined Bradord Bulls in 2009 after playing for other clubs such as Wigan, Rochdale, Castlefield and Huddersfield before being offered a two year contract with the option of a third season at Bradford.

It was explained during the case that Mr Sculthorpe had previously been given specifically tailored training programmes for a back problem however despite his warnings to the club Doctor and physiotherapist this was not the case during his employment at Bradford.

During one of his first training sessions he was asked to carry out “bent over rowing” with 60 kg barbells which led to a prolapsed disc, the injury that ended his career.

After sustaining the injury his contract with Bradford Bulls was terminated however, the rugby player attempted a comeback at Widnes which left him struggling financially.

The sports injury claim was made against the club’s former holding company, Bradford Bulls Holdings Ltd, which has now been dissolved. This means that the claim has no impact on the current owners of the rugby club.

Mr Sculthorpe is now hoping that his case will highlight the importance of the role that rugby clubs play in the player’s careers and recovery after injury.

Mr Sculthorpe explained: “This case was never about the money for me, it was about Bradford admitting their mistakes. As a club they let me down badly at a time when my career was going very well. They failed to devise a training regime for me to ensure my back condition was managed as it had been elsewhere and then when I was injured, they abandoned me completely.”