Two Liverpool based companies have been fined following an employee suffering severe fractures to his back, hip and leg during an accident at work.

Eric Wilson, 62, from Hartlepool, Liverpool suffered severe personal injuries whilst in operation of a piling hammer. Wilson was driving timber piles into the beach when the sling supporting the machinery broke, knocking him down into the water.

Wilson suffered fractures alongside serious muscle damage to his back, resulting in him being admitted to hospital for 11 days. Since the accident he has been unable to return to work as he suffers constant pain in his back, he has also had to move to a bungalow as he cannot comfortably walk up stairs.

Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd were found to have failed to properly plan and supervise Wilson whilst he was employed by them. The investigation also found that the main contractor on the project, Costrain Ltd, failed to properly manage and monitor this phase of work.

The court heard that a smaller hammer was first suggested, that would have been more stable however a larger hammer was brought in to carry out the work as it was more powerful.

HSE inspector Martin Smith commented on the case, “This worker’s injuries should not and need not have happened. Had the work plan been changed when the circumstances changed and a different hammer was brought into use, it could have easily been avoided by using a suitable lifting machine.”

Accident at work claim

Thousands of accidents at work occur every year and can range from minor scrapes and bruises to more serious life changing injuries.

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Often those suffering from an accident that has happened at the fault of their employer are hesitant to make a claim as they are concerned they will lose their job. However during an accident at work compensation claim employers cannot dismiss the claimant and if they did so it would be classed as unfair dismissal.

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