New reports which are due to be heard this week, reveal that hundreds of military personnel are injured every year due to Ministry of Defence neglecting to follow their own safety rules.

The rules which would have prevented the deaths of three servicemen during a SAS selection course in Brecon Beacons in 2013 are often ignored. As a result of safety neglect, injured service personnel are unable to continue service in the military.

Investigations run by the Defence Select Committee ran shortly after the death of the three men on the SAS selection course.

A coroner concluded that the soldiers died as a result of systemic failures and serious mistakes, due to the people monitoring the course failing to follow the guidelines.

Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon chaired the inquiry that revealed evidence that 131 military personnel died in training or on exercises between 2000 and 2015, and this week MPs are due to be told that accidents also maim and injure hundreds more military servicemen.

One solicitor claimed: “The vast majority of injuries suffered by military personnel do not occur in battle… They should properly be seen as accidents at work and the basic principles for avoiding injury are the same as those that apply to any employer who is using potentially dangerous equipment.”

Common injury sustained were cold injuries due to preventative measures not being taken, and troops suffered injuries due to the freezing or low temperatures for long periods without the appropriate kit.

Due to the long periods of exposure to cold and wet conditions soldiers were left with nerve damage, chronic pain and in some extreme cases required amputation.

Earlier this year a young soldier was shot twice in the leg during a house-clearing training exercise, whilst he waited outside to enter the training session, after a group of soldiers shot at a target that was improperly positioned by the previous group.

The safety team failed to check the house made of wood, before the next group entered, resulting in the second groups shots penetrating through the wall and hitting the soldier.

As there are currently no central systems in the MoD for military access for reviewing past problems, incidents go unreported.