Many employers take the following rules very seriously and follow them by the book to prevent avoidable accidents, injuries or illness in the workplace. However, some employers neglect their responsibilities and this can sometimes lead to serious accidents at work.

If your employer has failed to carry out their responsibilities and it has led to your accident, injury or illness, then you could be entitled to claim personal injury.

Carry out a risk assessment

An employer must carry out a risk assessment of the workplace under health and safety law. The assessment needs to cover all areas of the work address, detailing each possible risk that could potentially cause harm to any employees on site.

The government offer a tool to employers to enable them to tailor make their own risk assessment to their workplace depending on their industry, so there’s no excuse for a risk assessment to be insufficiently detailed: http://www.hse.gov.uk/risk/

Keep employees informed

Once the assessment has been carried out, an employer must make all of their employees aware of every potential risk and how to avoid them. Employees need to be fully aware of all risks in the workplace and be sufficiently trained to deal with them should any arise.

Employees must be consulted on health and safety issues either face to face or through an elected member of the workforce or someone chosen by a trade union.

Write a health and safety policy

If there are less than five employees at the place of work, then a health and safety policy does not have to be written down. However, five employees or more require a written document clearly detailing how health and safety will be managed and who is responsible for preventing each risk. In order for the policy to be effective, staff should be encouraged to review it on a regular basis and follow all of the guidelines.

Provide basic health and welfare facilities

The facilities that an employer must provide will depend on the industry. For example, kitchen staff will require different facilities to office workers. However, there are some basic facilities that all employers need to provide for their employees’ welfare including:

–          Toilets and hand basins with soap and towels or a hand dryer

–          Somewhere to rest and eat meals

–          An area to store their coats, bags etc.

–          Drinking water

–          A normal room temperature of at least 16°C (unless for some reason a lower temperature is practically or legally required)

–          Suitable lighting

–          Good ventilation

–          A clean workplace

–          Enough room for the work to be carried out

Display the official health and safety poster

The government provides employers with an official health and safety law poster which must be displayed where employees can read it clearly.

Put first-aid arrangements in place

Employers must provide the work place with sufficient first-aid precautions to prevent minor injuries turning into something more serious.

As a bare minimum they must provide:

–          A sufficient first-aid box

–          An appointed person to be in charge of first-aid

–          Suitable information to make employees aware of first-aid procedure

Record any accidents and ill health

Health and safety law dictates that employers must record injuries, accidents and any incidents of work-related illness so that they can monitor any patterns of recurring accidents, injuries and illness.

Be insured

Employer’s need to take out employer’s liability insurance to make sure that in an instance where they are responsible for an employee’s accident or injury, that employee can claim personal injury.

Not all employees are legally obliged to have this insurance – for example, family run businesses or businesses where there are no employees- but otherwise it is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that they are suitable covered should they need to pay out compensation.

If you believe that your employer may have neglected one or more of these responsibilities and that it has led to your accident, injury or illness, call claimpersonalinjury.com now on 0800 193 88 88 for free impartial advice on how to make a personal injury claim.