It has been revealed that dozens of police officers across the UK and Northern Ireland have been injured whilst using stinger deceives.

Officers have suffered several injuries including whiplash, cuts, fractures, and back injuries as a result of using the device, which are used to burst tyres of suspects’ vehicles.

In October 2015 PC Dave Philips, from Merseyside, was killed on duty when he was hit by a vehicle whilst using the stinger.

It has been revealed that Northern Ireland police service suffers a higher number of stinger related injures than other police forces, with a recorded number of fourteen injuries.

Released data has found that forty-nine officers from fifteen forces were injured between January 2012 and October 2015, whilst twenty-four forces withheld the data.

Chairman of Merseyside Police Federation, Peter Singleton has revealed the forces are looking to improve the safety procedures.

He said: “We are always seeking ways to develop and improve our systems. Any kind of situation like this, certainly when there has been a fatality, it will be reviewed and looked at. But you can’t escape the fact that police work is a very dangerous environment.”

Merseyside police have admitted five police officers were injured during nineteen uses of the stingers since 2012.

West Midlands Police force have admitted nine officers were injured including one officer suffering deep laceration to their hand whilst another suffered with temporary hearing impairment.

A Merseyside police spokesperson has reported that four of the forces injuries were from training and not during duty.